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Christmas with Grown Kids!

Cassius and Noah are in the house for Christmas. I am thankful for another year, celebrating the dark days with my kids, and wishing warmth and love to you all near and far. This is Noah’s last year of high school and Cassius is deep into his junior year at UC Irvine. Noah has finished applications to a slew of UC schools, so we will see what choices come his way in the coming months.

Family Christmas

Noah, Mallory and Cassius

I am still in Idyllwild, working the flexible schedule substitute teaching in Hemet, and cheering on Noah’s basketball team. The mountains surrounding Idyllwild are our playground, for hikes short and long, and overnights when the schedule allows. Photography continues to be my main distraction, as well as guitar, music, singing, and house making, when we aren’t going to basketball games!

Cassius is making strides in his political organizing, and last January was elected as a California Democratic Party Delegate! In addition to his studies in Social Ecology, he is the VP of UC Irvine Democrats, as well as the the rep on the UC Irvine housing commission. The newest focus of his politicking is the campaign of Dave Min for Congress! I hope his efforts continue to improve his neighborhood and this country.

Wishing you all peace and love in the New Year! (Arf!)